Jean Monnet TISIM project 2018-2019

Jean Monnet TISIM project 2018-2019


Montenegrin Pan-European Union (MPEU)

Project Name

UN Agenda 2030 – EU Agenda 2025:

Through Integration towards Sustainability in Montenegro”

The Montenegrin Pan-European Union has received grant (Erasmus + Jean Monnet Action 2018) for conducting “UN Agenda 2030 – EI Agenda 2025: Through Integration Towards Sustainability in Montenegro(TISIM) from September 2018 till August 2019; project which will be focused on two main development agendas of country: to achieve the sustainable development goals through implementation of the National strategy for sustainable development 2030 and to become a member of the European Union in the perspective of 2025. The UN 2030 Agenda as a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity, is based on achieving the sustainable development goals, while the EU integration process is based on achieving the accession criteria defined in negotiating chapters and related benchmarks. These two agendas are complementary.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro (co-financing).

Objectives of the project:

  • Better communication of sustainable development-related topics between Montenegrin research community, international experts on environment, Ministry for sustainable development and tourism, the Statistical Office of Montenegro and other state and local authorities;
  • Measurement progress in the National sustainable development strategy implementation through SDG indicator and calculation of the ecological footprint for Montenegro
  • Promotion of policy debate in the context of European Integration – with special emphasis being put on Negotiation Chapter No. 27-Environment;
  • Awareness raising campaigns within young generation for greening of Montenegrin economy and changes in every day’s life through exercises of individual footprint calculations;
  • Important impact on quality of teaching on related topics (for key staff members from the University of Montenegro

Target groups: Students (1st cycle and 2nd cycle), Young researchers, Representatives of line ministries involved in the NSSD 2030 implementation, statistical data producers, CSOs representatives, representatives of the Parliamentarian Committee for European Integration, representatives of a local self-governments – MPEU partners, Secondary school pupils, general public through dissemination of project activities;

Activities of the Jean Monnet Action through the TISIM project are the following:

1.Organization of three international sustainable development conferences in Montenegro, titled: “Building a Sustainable Future for Montenegro through the EU Accession Process and the Sustainable Development Goals” (Podgorica, 30. November – 1. December 2018; Tivat, 1.-2. February 2019; Berane, 17.-18. June 2019).

⇒First International Conference in Podgorica ⇒ View HERE and HERE

                             ⇒Second International Conference in Tivat⇒ View HERE

                             ⇒ Third Conference in Berane ⇒ View HERE

2.  Ecological Footprint indicator for relevant year

3. Two research papers published in international scientific journals:

a) Montenegro’s development framework: UN 2030 and EU 2025”

b) Think Globally, Act Locally: implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in Montenegro”

4. Dissemination of project activities through an official website and official social network pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)

5. Related activities and number of other means of communication used by the project: participation of key staff members in other policy debates, on TV debates, number of interviews to local media, etc.


Project team and experts:

  • Prof. Gordana Djurovic, Ph. D.
  • Alessandro Galli, Ph. D.
  • Jelena Knezevic, MSc
  • Teodora Ladjic, MA
  • Milica Muhadinovic, MSc
  • Radovan Ognjenovic, Spec.Sci.