Principles – Goals – Acitivities


Principle of subsidiarity

What can be solved at lower levels, closer to man’s everyday activities in the community, should not be dealt within higher instances. Of course, there are always a number of national, regional and global issues that need to be considered at the appropriate levels to which they belong

European unity:

The peoples of Europe share common history and heritage, and therefore their vision of European unity is not only the abstraction of a common political and economic future, but also a return to the natural and cultural circle historically belonging to all European nations.

Greek philosophy, Roman law, European humanism and culture:

Peoples, countries and regions belong to the cultural and civilizational circles to which an important part of the human determination rests. Thus, the European cultural circle is based on a common heritage, which reckon on these three core angles:

  • Greek philosophy
  • Roman law
  • European Humanism and Culture

Ancient Greece has opened the door to us of cognitive philosophical horizons, in a classical way, and has left and entrusted the heritage of the democratic values to humankind.

Rome has founded the rule of law and has left us a concept, understanding, meaning and essence of law as an inheritance. European humanism is the epoch that has essentially shaped modern Europe, its civilizational values and worldviews. Prerequisites for the preservation of the European common heritage relate to the preservation of all cultural specialties of certain peoples, countries and regions of Europe.

This is natural for the continent that was not created by settling and blending in a short period of time, but by long crystallization of cultures, as special features of a common European civilization.


Implementation of the European standards and promotion of European democratic values in Montenegro

Promotion of development and prosperity of Montenegro in all areas, as well as the preservation of the multi-ethnic and multi-confessional harmony

Enhancement and protection of human rights and freedom

Advocacy for strengthening rule of law and establishing strong institutions in Montenegro

Preservation and improvement of good neighborly relations with the countries in the region, as well as development of friendship and cooperation with the EU Member States and other countries

Cooperation with Montenegrin citizens all around the Europe and the world

Presentation and promotion of Montenegrin culture in Europe and presentation and promotion of the European cultural and civilization achievements in Montenegro

Improvement of the cultural, scientific, technical and economic cooperation and exchanges with European countries

Advocacy for the harmonization and improvement of educational system in Montenegro according to European standards

Presentation, promotion and implementation of the best European standards for social policy and social cohesion in Montenegro

Presentation, promotion and advancement of the best European standards for environmental protection in Montenegro

Connecting and joining related associations or other appropriate alliances in the country and abroad

Promotion of European common heritage values and special heritage of European nations and wider European areas

Commitment to the establishment of the relationship between parts of Europe on the principle of subsidiarity

Advocacy for the enlargement of the European Union

Pledge to establish the relationship of parts of Europe on the principle of subsidiarity


  • National and international conferences, meetings, roundtables, grandstands, panel discussions, etc
  • Educational, research. cultural, humanitarian and other projects
  • Exhibitions, concerts, cultural and other events
  • Publishing activities