RYCO project in the area of Democracy and Identity – MULTIYOU

RYCO project in the area of Democracy and Identity – MULTIYOU

Montenegrin Pan-European Union project „ Multidimensional aspects of Democracy and Identity: Youth Dialogue and Learning in the time of COVID-19 pandemic“ (MULTIYOU) supported by Regional Youth Cooperation Office for the period February – September 2021.

The general objective of this project is to challenge youth issues related to democratic and identity inherited narratives in the time of COVID-19 pandemic by providing safe environment for intercultural dialogue, learning and cooperating among diverse peers from multicultural communities within named Contracting Parties from the Western Balkan region.

The main project outputs:

  • Google survey (respondents – young people from 4 Western Balkan countries – AL, BA, ME and RS)
  • Regional Summer School on multidimensional aspects of democracy and identity among youth in Western Balkans. It shall consist of: panels, lectures, workshops, discussion sessions and field trips
  • Brochure – opinion and recommendations based on survey and school findings (authors: experts, representatives from diverse sectors and school participants – youth)
  • Dissemination of project activities (website, social networks and other information and dissemination activities: participation on other conferences, TV debates, seminars, interviews to media, etc.)

Impact of the project (main project mid-term objectives):

  • Improved intercultural dialogue among youth and between youth and other relevant stakeholders (policy-makers, NGOs, business, media and other local partners)
  • Contributed to youth learning and understanding processes related to creation of inclusive, multicultural and democratic societies
  • Fostered youth reconciliation by sharing experience and cooperating
  • Raised awareness on democratic and identity issues and their impact on youth

Number of directly targeted people:  Survey (Google form) – around 500 respondents, School – 24 youth participants, 10 lectures/speakers; Brochure – shared to more than 100 relevant addresses. In total: more than 600 people. In total more than 1000 people reached.

Project partners:

  1. The Observatory for Children and Youth Rights (Albania)
  2. Centre for Foreign policy (Serbia)
  3. Pan-European Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

History of Project activities:

  1. Contract signing: https://panevropa.me/en/mpeu-signed-contract-on-financing-project-multiyou-with-regional-youth-cooperation-office/